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Yasashii by Ohchan

Because I am not ready to give up on this community yet and because I attribute learning this kanji on Uta no Oniisan aka Yano Kenta aka Ohno Satoshi....:) : ) :)

I  hope this is okay for me to post in here... if not please let me know....


Ohchan's Kindness....Collapse )



Kyou no jyugyou wa iro desu yo!

Today's lesson are colors!

Let's see Ohno's clothes :}


’-て’ form


I'm bringing a new lesson to ohnokurasu@LJ :D I was serious about the reviving, you see:) I was happy to see some comments, meaning some people have this community still in their f-lists:D if we be able to revive for good, we will have to do some "marketing" to bring new students for 大野先生 (^。^)

so... famous form is coming:D



ps. OMG, I've just realized -te form was already done before on ohnokurasu =_= I feel stupid... and since it took a lot of my time to prepare it I'm noooooot deleting it:) in a way, you can have a different look on it:)


ハハー I know... this community was dead for almost two years... nothing to laugh about... it's because I was kind of away, Yuki-chan was away, Sacchan also doesn't use LJ much. But I came back (I think for good), though I don't have a full lesson with me... I just want to resurrect this place :D for that I will need a help of you girls, because during those years my Japanese didn't get so much better! Officially though:


which means "long time no see", and you can tell it when you meet someone who you haven't seen for a long time.



The Junior became a BIG Junior...

大野先生、 智くん、 大ちゃん、 皆のリーダ 

Muka (as a voice of whole ohnokurasu community ^_^)

ps. sorry for crappy quality picture... but I wanted to do it still today and it didn't leave me much time XD  gome, hontou m(_ _)m

ps2. BTW... I need to share this with some other Ohno fans XD really... last Saturday I went shopping to one of the bigger nightmarkets in Taichung, and while walking one of those crowdy shopping streets (and eating amazingly tasty cream cake XD) I heard a familiar song... I stopped my two Japanese friends and listened... and my mouth must have open very wide... because it was Ohno's "Rain"!!!! in a shop with girl's clothes... LOL... I stayed there till the end of the song... but then come some other Japanese (probably JE) artist so I went along... but it is such an amazing feeling to hear Arashi... especially OHNO's music just on the street... I felt touched ^_^

お久し振り (edit 1)


Ohisashiburi minna
Long time no see everyone!!!


i'm baaack.. sort of..

ok... as a moderator who has not posted anything in a looong time, i feel it's time i stepped up and said something...

minna doko ni iruno?? haha i'm sorry, the pc i'm using now does not support japanese text so i'm forced to use romaji... since this is ohnokurasu and oh-chan's bday is coming up... maybe we could post up some pics and just make simple japanese sentences with english translations and explanations? i mean, riida has more than enough weird/cute/funky/dorky/so-hot-i'm-melting pics for us to caption... i'll try to do something as well... when i manage to get my hands on a pc and internet connection that has not got all blogging sites blocked...

so... till i manage to do that, please, let's all do something to spice up this community... onegaishimasu!


こんばんはみんな! This is my first time posting here so ヨロシク. I posted this in my own journal but was urged to share it along *pokes divi & muka*. This song was sung by Ohchan and Aibachan during Arashi's 2003-2004 Live Is Hard Dakara Happy Fuyucon. I hope you'll love this song as much as I do. V(^_^)V

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まごまご嵐 ~Grammar~

こんにちは大野先生のクラスの皆さま! ^^

This is my second lesson and today I thought I‘d make something that helps our grammar.
Although everyone always says that Japanese grammar is the easiest part of the language, I still sometimes find it very hard (especially with the endings of the words when you have no idea what that particular form means >__<).

SO, this is what I thought of. ^_^
I took the latest Magox2 episode (2007-07-22), capped some random screenshots and translated them with some notes. Although I chose some easier ones, still, you should get the hand of the grammar at least a bit.

Credits for the Magox2 arwennadives' clubbox (http://clubbox.co.kr/arwenna)

Corrections made thanks to lovely schlurpi aka Fe-chan~! *chuus for all the help*

Anyways, here’s the 1st cap. We have a pretty Aiba-chan. ^^

Watashi no chichi wa Arashi no Joukamachi!! no dai fan rashiku.
My father seems to be a big fan of “Arashi no Joukamachi”.

Well, not much to explain about this cap, below are the translated separate words.
私 (わたし) – I, me
父 (ちち) – father
城下町 (じょうかまち) – castle town
大 (だい) – big, large
ファン – fan
らしく- seems to be (I‘m not sure about this, I searched the internet for the translation of this word, and it looks like this is the right meaning ^_^)

The rest of the caps~!Collapse )


funny t-shirts - おかしいTシャツ

okashii T shatsu
funny T-shirts

yeah... have you ever wondered why do they wear those? do they understand what they wear? I will help them!!! So Ohno... if you ever read that... think about what you wear next time!!!

One thing... this translations are totally unprofessional, so if you spot any mistake please let me know so that I can correct it, ok?

and one more thing... I've got all caps from Yuki-chan :) so ARIGATOU daaaaaaaaarling :D

and my personal baka t-shirt I asked my friend to do for me:D I found the idea in some internet shop, so if you want I can post the link for it:D because I guess all those clothes with "kanji" that gaijins wear are mostly same baka:D

ok... hope you enjoyed this lesson:D 大野せんせい will surely wear some more of those in future!!!!



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